Our Home is Yours

The Apple Place was originally a place loggers rented in the early 50’s.  Today, it is a wonderful base camp for travelers or locals who need a room to stay in, before or after their park adventures.  It is our goal to provide a clean, comfortable and private room with bathroom close to the Kings Canyon and Sequoia Parks.  People who stay at The Apple Place love our location and beautiful view, and take comfort knowing that they have a private room and can relax in a clean and cozy bed just before or after their day excursions.  If you need anything, it’s only a few steps away; the main residence is on site.  Why come to The Apple Place?  Simple.  It’s a great place to stay.

Judy & Steve

Judy, owner of The Apple Place,  is known around town as the Apple Lady, hence the name “The Apple Place”.  She knows everything there is to know about apples and their varieties, and proudly tends to her apple orchard on the property.  Her warm smile and gentle nature are wonderful additions to The Apple Place, making visitors and travelers feel welcome and comfortable during their stay.  Steve helps maintain the grounds.  His love for building and construction has been a great contribution and asset to our facilities, making The Apple Place more appealing.   Between the two of them, guests can be assured of their comfort, safety, and cleanliness while staying at The Apple Place.